Welcome to Bowie Nature Park

Bowie Nature Park, located in Fairview, TN contains a glorious 700+ acres of forest, lakes & trails, Bowie is a great place for individuals, couples & families to come and enjoy their time. Bicycling, horseback riding, fishing, running, walking and playing aboard the Treehouse Playground can be enjoyed each & every day of the year.

With our modern Nature Center, Bowie Park is also an exciting place to learn more about nature. You can also reserve the Nature Center, Outdoor Classroom or Picnic Areas for your upcoming community or social event!

All visitors & residents to our “city’s treasure” are welcomed to come and enjoy the many wonders found at Bowie Nature Park!

The entrance to Bowie Park is located in the city of Fairview on Highway 100 approximately 1 mile west of the Highway 96/100 exchange in Williamson County.

Within the park there are 17 miles of winding trails which move the traveler through several Eco-Systems to include wetlands, grasslands, pine forest, oak/hickory forest, riparian and lowland bottomland wetlands.

When visiting the Park, check the Kiosk located in front of the restrooms for seasonal hiking guides, wildflower and wildlife information.

  • 700+ Acres
  • Modern Nature Center
  • Exhibits and Art
  • Joann’s Outdoor Classroom
  • Lakeside Picnic Areas
  • Walking, Hiking, Bike Riding
  • Horseback Riding, Fishing

Bowie Nature Park has an expansive 17 miles of trails. The majority of the trail system is shared by hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians, however there are sections of the trail system that are designated foot traffic only.

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Bowie Park & Nature Center

7211 Bowie Lake Road
Fairview, TN 37062
Tel: (615) 799-5544
Email: [email protected]
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Park Hours:

5am to 10pm

Nature Center Hours:

Friday, Saturday and Monday
9am-2pm until further notice

Trail Closures:

At any time, trails may be closed to bikers and horseback riders due to wet conditions, it is advisable to call before riding by calling 799-5544 Ext. 1.


In order to keep the playground safe and clean there is a lot of maintenance that takes place every year, most of it is done by the park staff. Occasionally a project needs to be done that spells “Community Fun”. As soon as the weather warms up we plan to have a “MULCH DAY”. There will be food, fun and games while we spread new mulch inside the playground. Anyone interested in helping organize this can call the park office 799-5544 or E-mail us at [email protected].